Sunday, August 26, 2012

Carpet Repairs Sioux Falls

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I thought I would create a post about loose carpet.

We are seeing a lot of loose carpet, mainly from substandard installation.  Remember, the installation of the carpet is meant to last the entire life of the carpet, about 9 years.  If your carpet is loose after just a few years in service, contact the installer or the retailer that sold you the carpet as they may offer a guarantee on installation.  *(Hint:  Don't use an installer that won't guarantee their work)*

The main reason the carpet gets loose as I mentioned above is substandard installation, meaning the installer either did not use standard techniques or simply did not use a power stretcher to do the job.  The latter is the most common.  A knee kicker will not stretch the carpet enough to last a month let alone years!
Knee kickers are meant to position carpet not stretch it.

Also we see problems with transition points or areas joining to wood or linoleum, many times if the wood or linoleum is installed later the installer doesn't have the necessary equipment to re install the carpet properly.

We are seeing a TON of fold and staple jobs.  This method of securing a carpet will not hold up to traffic or vacuuming over time.  Many times the staples rust and look terrible after a short period of time.  

We strongly recommend clamp down (the silver or gold transition bars) See image below:

For wood See below

These products are designed to keep the carpet in the channel and maintain the stretch for years.

Obviously dragging furniture and heavy appliances across the carpet will cause it to loosen.  Always use a dolly or at least cardboard runners with appliances and furniture sliders with the furniture.

If your tired of looking at the bumps and ripples give us a call.  Most times we can re stretch the carpet better than new and get you many more years out of your investment.  

And by the way We Guarantee Our Repairs for the life of the carpet.

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