Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dryer Vent Cleaning Sioux Falls

Are your dryer vents in good condition!

This one isn't!

Your dryer will operate a lot better if it can breathe!

Q.  Cleaning dryer vents can't be that hard?, can it?  

A.  That all depends on the length of the ducting to the outside.   The number of bends in the system and the type of duct material used.

Q.  What's the best way to clean your dryer vents?

A.  We use both brushes and compressed air.  A combination that suits us well for almost any system we have encountered.  Brushes have their place and compressed air gets the lint moving.

Dryer vent fires in the US are out of control.  This is a huge safety issue, we see out in the field every day.  If you have had our carpet cleaning service you know that we remove the floor vents when we clean a room.  Take yours off and see what's in there, you will be amazed.  Do the same to your dryer vents.

If you don't feel comfortable cleaning your vent systems yourself and your in the Sioux Falls Area Give us a call.

Thanks for your time.

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Carpet Cleaning in Cool Weather

Don't let the cold weather stop you from having your carpets and upholstery cleaned.  Fall is an excellent, and in my opinion, the best time of year to get your carpets cleaned, because of the very low humidity.  The low humidity greatly reduces the time it takes for the carpets & Furniture to dry.  

As you can see in this photo of our Door Guard, the hoses come in, but the cold stays out! Just another benefit of choosing A-1 Carpet Service, for your Carpet and Tile Cleaning needs.

Fall is also a busy time for repairs.  Lots of loose carpet and stairs. 

Be sure to check out our website Here for fall cleanup specials.

We have a great new product that removes tobacco smoke odor, be sure to ask about this guaranteed service.  

Thank you for your time!

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Monday, September 17, 2012

A-1 Carpet Service Sioux Falls

Greetings Readers!

I hope you are enjoying the beautiful fall weather as I am.  This has always been my favorite time of year.

Part of the reason I like this time of year is the less humid conditions.  Perfect for drying carpets quickly!

Even though we use less water than we ever have, Dry time is still the most important to our customers.

When you are able to open the home and get the non humid air moving through, dry times are substantially decreased.  While air conditioning and fans do an excellent job of lowering the humidity from cleaning your carpets you just can't beat opening the windows to speed the process along.

We can raise the humidity level in your home significantly during the cleaning process, rarely will the outside air be as humid.

So here is the tip of the week for getting the fastest dry times:

Open the windows long enough for the more humid air to escape your home.

Then use air conditioning and fans to remove the rest.

You won't be disappointed with the results!

Thank you for your time.

Harold Pastian
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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Carpet Repairs Sioux Falls

Greetings Readers!

I thought I would create a post about loose carpet.

We are seeing a lot of loose carpet, mainly from substandard installation.  Remember, the installation of the carpet is meant to last the entire life of the carpet, about 9 years.  If your carpet is loose after just a few years in service, contact the installer or the retailer that sold you the carpet as they may offer a guarantee on installation.  *(Hint:  Don't use an installer that won't guarantee their work)*

The main reason the carpet gets loose as I mentioned above is substandard installation, meaning the installer either did not use standard techniques or simply did not use a power stretcher to do the job.  The latter is the most common.  A knee kicker will not stretch the carpet enough to last a month let alone years!
Knee kickers are meant to position carpet not stretch it.

Also we see problems with transition points or areas joining to wood or linoleum, many times if the wood or linoleum is installed later the installer doesn't have the necessary equipment to re install the carpet properly.

We are seeing a TON of fold and staple jobs.  This method of securing a carpet will not hold up to traffic or vacuuming over time.  Many times the staples rust and look terrible after a short period of time.  

We strongly recommend clamp down (the silver or gold transition bars) See image below:

For wood See below

These products are designed to keep the carpet in the channel and maintain the stretch for years.

Obviously dragging furniture and heavy appliances across the carpet will cause it to loosen.  Always use a dolly or at least cardboard runners with appliances and furniture sliders with the furniture.

If your tired of looking at the bumps and ripples give us a call.  Most times we can re stretch the carpet better than new and get you many more years out of your investment.  

And by the way We Guarantee Our Repairs for the life of the carpet.

Call Today 605-359-1098

Thanks for your time!

Harold Pastian
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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Carpet Cleaning Sioux Falls

The Rotovac 360I In Action!

Every once in a while we get something or use something that really changes the game.  That is exactly what the 360I does.  If I were designing a machine to clean carpets, based on my experiences and customer feedback, this is what I would come up with.  The engineers at Rotovac have developed this tool for simple, efficient operation.  No matter how fatigued we get the Rotovac keeps the same pace from the first to the last room, this ensures a better clean and faster dry times.

In the video, you see a sculptured low profile residential carpet that is fairly heavily soiled.  The Rotovac cuts through the oil and greases that hold the soil in place.  This type of carpet in this condition is one of the toughest to clean with a conventional wand.  The wand does not tend to glide over the surface like the Rotovac, more so it actually catches and is very difficult to get a good suction to remove as much water as possible.  Less water means faster dry times.

There is no way physically that anyone could match the up to 250 rpm cleaning power of the Rotovac.

Check out this description: Rotovac 360i

If you have carpets that need a good cleaning, you owe it to yourself to see what the Rotovac 360i  can do!

Call Today 605-359-1098

Thanks for your time!

Harold Pastian
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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Upholstery Cleaning Sioux falls

Upholstery Cleaning

Cleaning codes
All new furniture comes with a manufacturers tag or label that describes the materials used in making the furniture, along with a cleaning code that reads  "S", "W"  Or "X"
S -   Safely Cleaned with Solvent based solutions
W -  Safely Cleaned with Water based Solutions
X - Vacuum Only
Sometimes we see a W/S  In that case we would choose a water based shampoo.
The first step in any cleaning we do at A-1 Carpet Service is to identify the fiber we are dealing with, which is a little bit old school, but an effective measure.  We were cleaning furniture before there were cleaning codes.  Just the same you don't mind if we check do you?
First we will vacuum the piece thoroughly.  Think of it like carpet cleaning, we want to remove as much dust and dirt as we can before we apply any water or Solvent to the fabric.
Depending on the type of use the furniture gets we may apply a pre-spray designed to break down oils and greases to be extracted in the extraction step.
Second we will apply a foam shampoo with a soft brush, gently agitating the fibers so that the shampoo has the chance to surround or emulsify  the soil.
If this is a "Dry Clean" or "S" type fabric we will apply the OMS (Odorless Mineral Spirits) with our handy sprayer or with a towel and gently agitate it into the fibers..  The OMS do essentially the same thing as the shampoo, loosen the soil.
Third, we will extract the shampoo or solvent into our big blue tank in the Van, that's it in the back of the picture to the right.
Last step is to set the Nap or brush the piece so that the fibers stand up like they did when it was new.  This is the step that most cleaners and do it your selfers don't do.
Now you don't have a big blue tank, or OMS or a couple of very cool brushes.  What you do have is water.  Someday I may post some pictures of what happens when you add water to a piece of furniture, without being able to extract that water.

Getting the shampoo out of the furniture piece is priority one, otherwise it will rapidly re-soil.

If you are perplexed or just don't feel like tackling your beautiful white sectional sofa, give us a call.

I believe you will find our Upholstery Cleaning Service very affordable, hassle free, with amazing results!

Remember...All workmanship is FULLY GUARANTEED!

As always Call us with questions or concerns.

Thanks for your time.

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Before and After A-1 Carpet Service



Quite an improvement ( I wish I could post the before and after smells) but them many of you would stop reading my blog!

As you can see in the photos wear has developed in the high traffic areas.  Regular cleaning and lots of vaccumming  will go a long way towards preventing sand and grit from scratching the fibers.

Although we can't make carpet fiber magically reappear, we can get the dirt out.

This carpet was dry and ready to use in just a few hours.  And the odor was replaced with a nice clean scent.

We realize that most of you don't let this happen to your carpet.  The point I want to make is, regardless of the condition, A-1 Carpet Service can dramatically improve the condition in most cases.

Give us a call in Sioux Falls @ 605-359-1098

Thanks for reading!

Have a great 4th Of July!

Harold Pastian
A-1 Carpet Service
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Carpet Dyeing Sioux Falls

Sometimes the Carpet is not Worn out, It's Uglied out!  

Carpet Dyeing is an excellent alternative to replacing carpets that are just plain ugly!  Carpets get Uglied out from sun fading, pet stains, juice drinks, etc. While we can't make a carpet lighter in color, we can take the ugly out.  We can change the color or just dye a bleach spot.  Give us a call @ 605-359-1098 for a free estimate or on the web 

Spot Dyeing

Have A Great Day!

Harold Pastian
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Saturday, May 5, 2012

A-1 Carpet Service's Blog


Welcome to our blog.  From time to time we will post information relating to Carpet and Upholstery cleaning business.  From tips and tricks  to selecting the right carpet and upholstery cleaning service.

Thanks for reading and comments are always welcome!

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