Sunday, September 23, 2012

Carpet Cleaning in Cool Weather

Don't let the cold weather stop you from having your carpets and upholstery cleaned.  Fall is an excellent, and in my opinion, the best time of year to get your carpets cleaned, because of the very low humidity.  The low humidity greatly reduces the time it takes for the carpets & Furniture to dry.  

As you can see in this photo of our Door Guard, the hoses come in, but the cold stays out! Just another benefit of choosing A-1 Carpet Service, for your Carpet and Tile Cleaning needs.

Fall is also a busy time for repairs.  Lots of loose carpet and stairs. 

Be sure to check out our website Here for fall cleanup specials.

We have a great new product that removes tobacco smoke odor, be sure to ask about this guaranteed service.  

Thank you for your time!

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Monday, September 17, 2012

A-1 Carpet Service Sioux Falls

Greetings Readers!

I hope you are enjoying the beautiful fall weather as I am.  This has always been my favorite time of year.

Part of the reason I like this time of year is the less humid conditions.  Perfect for drying carpets quickly!

Even though we use less water than we ever have, Dry time is still the most important to our customers.

When you are able to open the home and get the non humid air moving through, dry times are substantially decreased.  While air conditioning and fans do an excellent job of lowering the humidity from cleaning your carpets you just can't beat opening the windows to speed the process along.

We can raise the humidity level in your home significantly during the cleaning process, rarely will the outside air be as humid.

So here is the tip of the week for getting the fastest dry times:

Open the windows long enough for the more humid air to escape your home.

Then use air conditioning and fans to remove the rest.

You won't be disappointed with the results!

Thank you for your time.

Harold Pastian
A-1 Carpet Service
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