Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pet Stains and Pet Odor Removal From Carpet Sioux Falls

Removing Embarrassing Pet odor and urine spots from carpet can be a challenge.  

With today's synthetic backed carpets the odor is somewhat easier to remove than the older jute backed carpets, but delamination seems to be a lot bigger problem today.

To help establish the seriousness and approach to solving the problem we have established 3 Stages of pet odor control.
The Stage is listed in Blue, with the necessary treatments in Green.

Stage I
*Urine has not penetrated to the backing of the carpet.
*Usually a smaller cat or dog,
*Not a repeated regular urination area.
*Deep Surface Cleaning and Odor Treatment required.

Stage II

*Urine Has Penetrated to the backing of the Carpet.
*Large Dog or repeat event for smaller dog or cat.
*Repeated urination area.
*Most Common.
*Deep Surface Cleaning and Odor Treatment with Injections to backing.

Stage III

*Urine Has Penetrated to The Sub Floor
*Regardless of size of Dog or cat, this is a regular urination area.
*Carpet Must be pulled up,
*Affected area of pad pulled.
*Sub floor cleaned, treated and sealed.
*New Pad Installed.
*Carpet Backing Cleaned and Treated.
*Reinstall Carpet and Deep Clean and Treat Surface area.

Delamination of the carpet occurs when the primary backing separates from the secondary backing that holds the tufts of yarn in place, these two surfaces are are bonded together with latex adhesive.  It would seem that there is a great deal more clay in this latex glue than ever before.  

Delamination of the carpet can and will occur with all three stages if left uncontrolled for a period of time, depending on traffic and size of area involved.

What can you do?:

To prevent delamination the affected area has to be rinsed of urine and dried quickly A-1 Carpet Service In Sioux Falls, SD has the experience and equipment necessary to at the very least limit the damage and at best prolong the life of your carpet drastically.
As always we appreciate your time and I hope we have helped educate you more on pet odor control.

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