Saturday, February 15, 2014

Tile & Grout Cleaning Sioux Falls, SD

Few people look forward to this!

Restoring your grout back to it's original condition is easier than you think!

I know that's easy for me to say.  After all I have a fire breathing cleaning machine sitting in the driveway, with the best brushes and safe cleaning detergents money can buy.  

While every tile job is different, most can be restored to 95% of what the original grout looked like. Where we run into problems is when wax has been applied to the tile and grout.  Big Mistake!

Wax on tile & grout is not impossible to remove, it is just something that requires more time and a different chemical to remove.  Much like stripping a floor, we have to strip the wax off to get to the dirt.  Our normal process will not remove the wax.  So make sure you let us know if the floor was waxed.  Unfortunately we can't tell it has been waxed until after we start.

Containing the messy dirty water is a challenge, unless you have one of these beauties above.
The last thing you need is that water splashed all over your stainless and cupboards.  One of the big problems most people tell me about when they clean their own grout is that the dirty water starts to dry, before they can get it all up.  With our process that simply can't happen.  Tip:  Always do the cleaning in sections, not the entire area. 

Sealing the grout after cleaning is extremely important.  

This is what prevents the oils and greases from penetrating into the grout.  Like putting ScotchGard on your furniture.  Generally grout will not need to be re-sealed after every cleaning.  We can do a quick test to see if your sealer is still working, and advise you accordingly.

Most residential customers find that an annual cleaning is enough to keep their floors looking great, while commercial business need it more often.

If you are selling your home, the floors are one of the first things people will look at. In the present real estate market in Sioux Falls, cleaning your tile and grout before the home gets on the market may end up getting you $10,000 more vs. $10,000 less just because of it's appearance

Take the guesswork out of the equation, get the tile cleaned.  We often do the tile and carpet cleaning on the same visit.  

I hope this has been informative for you and as always Thank you for your time.

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