Sunday, July 15, 2012

Upholstery Cleaning Sioux falls

Upholstery Cleaning

Cleaning codes
All new furniture comes with a manufacturers tag or label that describes the materials used in making the furniture, along with a cleaning code that reads  "S", "W"  Or "X"
S -   Safely Cleaned with Solvent based solutions
W -  Safely Cleaned with Water based Solutions
X - Vacuum Only
Sometimes we see a W/S  In that case we would choose a water based shampoo.
The first step in any cleaning we do at A-1 Carpet Service is to identify the fiber we are dealing with, which is a little bit old school, but an effective measure.  We were cleaning furniture before there were cleaning codes.  Just the same you don't mind if we check do you?
First we will vacuum the piece thoroughly.  Think of it like carpet cleaning, we want to remove as much dust and dirt as we can before we apply any water or Solvent to the fabric.
Depending on the type of use the furniture gets we may apply a pre-spray designed to break down oils and greases to be extracted in the extraction step.
Second we will apply a foam shampoo with a soft brush, gently agitating the fibers so that the shampoo has the chance to surround or emulsify  the soil.
If this is a "Dry Clean" or "S" type fabric we will apply the OMS (Odorless Mineral Spirits) with our handy sprayer or with a towel and gently agitate it into the fibers..  The OMS do essentially the same thing as the shampoo, loosen the soil.
Third, we will extract the shampoo or solvent into our big blue tank in the Van, that's it in the back of the picture to the right.
Last step is to set the Nap or brush the piece so that the fibers stand up like they did when it was new.  This is the step that most cleaners and do it your selfers don't do.
Now you don't have a big blue tank, or OMS or a couple of very cool brushes.  What you do have is water.  Someday I may post some pictures of what happens when you add water to a piece of furniture, without being able to extract that water.

Getting the shampoo out of the furniture piece is priority one, otherwise it will rapidly re-soil.

If you are perplexed or just don't feel like tackling your beautiful white sectional sofa, give us a call.

I believe you will find our Upholstery Cleaning Service very affordable, hassle free, with amazing results!

Remember...All workmanship is FULLY GUARANTEED!

As always Call us with questions or concerns.

Thanks for your time.

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