Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Duct Cleaning Sioux Falls

Reasons you should look at having your duct work cleaned.

1. Heavy dust build up around the edges of the rooms.
2. Dust builds up quickly on furniture.
3. Hot and cold spots in the home. 
4. Debris and pet hair can be seen in the vent.

Heavy dust built up around the perimeter of your rooms is a yell tale sign that you have a fair amount of dust built up in the duct work as well.  "Filter Dust"  as it is called actually can become part of the carpet fiber over time, and is almost impossible to remove or clean with any success.

If you can see dust on the cold air returns, and tends to build up quickly after being cleaned, it's time to have the ducts inspected.   

An analogy I like to use, goes like this;  In your car you can set the AC or heat to either circulate the inside air or use outside air.  Setting it to recirculate is how your home is set up.

Unfortunately your home does not have the option of exchanging the air with the outside air.  

So where does the dust go?  It goes with the path of least resistance, your lungs, furniture , carpet, and back in the system to do it all over again.  At one point in the process it goes through a filter.  The problem with that is, the many feet of duct work before it gets to the filter.

Getting your duct work cleaned has huge advantages as you can imagine.  The debris collects dust and pet hair, quickly becoming the size of a softball in some cases.  The airflow gets choked off and then you get cold and hot spots.  Generally, having your duct work cleaned every three to five years is sufficient.  If you have pets maybe more often.

Duct cleaning is not exactly rocket science, it's more the equipment and an experienced operator.

At A-1 we use a combination of methods to clean the duct work, depending on what is called for.  High pressure air and a huge vacuum are key components.  

This is a good video and show part of how we do it.

Bottom line if your duct work has never been cleaned or your home has gone through construction or a remodel, chances are that the ducts need cleaning!  Call today for a free evaluation.


Thanks for your time!

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