Saturday, February 23, 2013

Carpet Dyeing - Color Change

I have been working on a better Carpet Dye Delivery System for years. 

The method I was taught was very similar to spray painting. using an electric spray pump and wand to spray the dye on the carpet, then work the dye in with a carpet groomer, finally extract the remaining water and dye.

I have been working on a Rotary application method. My concerns have always been leaving swirl marks in the carpeting.

I did my first test today doing a color change with the Rotary setup.

Starting with a very light grey to a charcoal grey. (about 4 shades)
See the picture to the right.  As of this writing the carpet is drying with no apparent swirl marks and possibly most important I used a lot less water which means super fast dry times.

The picture on the left, taken as the carpet is drying shows the dramatic color change with no apparent swirl or overlap marks or shading.  

With results like this, we at A-1 Carpet Service 
really believe we can expand this service to a wider variety of customers.

Stay tuned I will post more tests as time permits.

Thanks for your time.
A-1 Carpet Service
Sioux FallsSD
(605) 359-1098


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